Many of us spend most of our waking hours in office settings. Designing spaces that are healthy, filled with light, clean air, a good climate and provide the right spaces to do the right jobs takes skilled Project Managers and Architects. We strongly believe that sustainable design is the first step in accomplishing healthy spaces. BNH has a wide variety of experience in office design and management through the process.

"I recall numerous meetings with informal and formal neighborhood associations, government entities (Heatherwood involved both Snohomish County and the City of Mill Creek), School District personnel and others. Frequently Andy was called on to present proposals, respond to concerns, and seek solutions to situations that sometimes were quite volatile. [They were] always professional, calm, cordial, considerate of everyone's concerns, and as accommodating as possible.... Andy was instrumental in helping the school district work through those issues that were essential prerequisites to design and construction."

Lawrence E. O'Donnell

Educational Consultant

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Botesch, Nash & Hall is an architectural firm who plans, designs, permits and coordinates the construction of buildings.

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