Everett High School Gymnasium Modernization

The Everett High School Gymnasium Modernization allows students and community members to enjoy a gymnasium that acknowledges the school's rich sports history, and experience an updated gym. The renovated main gym  has a walkway with bleacher access on all four sides and a view into the new practice gym.  Other renovated spaces include locker rooms, weight room, fitness room, wrestling room and auxiliary gym.  The old wood gym flooring and wood bleachers were saved and used as new finish and trim material throughout the building.

Everett, WA

"I would like to recommend Botesh, Nash & Hall Architects for any future projects. From inception of an idea to completion of the project, Botesch, Nash & Hall is responsive and shows a consistent desire to address their client's needs and program. They manage all aspects of the project, and display leadership whenever conflicts may arise.

Darcy Walker

Director, Facilities & Planning
Everett School District

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