We are dedicated to providing our clients architectural services to achieve their goals and dreams. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to our clients’ needs and preferences, interpret those needs into services that best facilitates their needs, meets their budget, and leverages the life cycle-cost return.

Our clients are important collaborators with the design team. We consult with them throughout design and construction to assure that their dreams are becoming reality.

Partnering for success with the owner, contractors, and sub-contractor’s is one of the BNH’s foundational services as architects.

Communication is stressed throughout the design and construction document phases. We work to create an atmosphere where ideas, thoughts, and questions are immediately addressed in a proactive manner.

    Architectural Design

    We approach our projects by incorporating the surrounding neighborhood design, zoning regulations, and sustainability to enhance the built environment in which we work and live. Our design team and sub-consultants include structural, civil, environmental, electrical, mechanical, security, and audio disciplines to ensure that your project is a success.

    Urban Design

    Because we view our work as part of the community fabric rather than only isolated, individual buildings, we recognize that the support spaces between buildings and outdoor spaces, such as drives and parking lots, are extremely important to the design process. Our site development and site analysis capabilities set the stage to designing a property that meets your needs now and into the future.

    Building Design

    Our team develops creative, appealing and affordable design solutions for our client’s projects and site that will result in rational, structurally sound, well-designed and well-crafted buildings.


    At BNH we strive to appropriately and creatively integrate economic, social, and environmental considerations in support of our client’s goals, aspirations, and financial resources. In doing so, we create buildings that advance us to a more sustainable society.

    Our team works closely with our clients and business partners to create projects that meet your needs, and the needs of those who “live” in your buildings. From simple to complex projects, we meet your goals through innovative teaming including Healthcare, Education (K-12 & Higher Education), Commercial and Civic.

    Project Management & Program Management

    A large part of the architect’s role in the design process is Project Management and Program Management. The effectiveness of our Project Management and Program Management comes from listening, assessing and laying out options clearly. The BNH staff are accomplished facilitators.

    Because of our staff size, we work with a variety of teams and have become very skilled at leading, communicating and teaming to ensure all phases of a project are managed well.

    Our responsibility is to translate the owner’s goals, desires and needs into a project that functionally relates, is aesthetically pleasing, has clear construction documentation, and is completed on schedule and within budget. Rather than molding an owner’s needs into one consistent architectural style, you will find that each facility in our portfolio demonstrates a unique fashion and form that coincides with the intended programmatic use.

    Modernizations, Renovations, & Tenant Improvements

    Redesigns, additions and renovations necessitate planning of phases to minimize tenant disruption. Our careful cost and schedule control helps mitigate risk of design complexity and unknown factors of the existing structure.

    With our extensive experience in occupied buildings, including educational facilities, historic remodels and medical facilities, we have developed best practices for value engineering, cost estimating, design, scheduling and phasing. These include working with the tenants, clients and municipalities to efficiently create a plan, design, and construction process with minimal interruption to all involved.

    Master Planning

    BNH has many years of experience planning and designing hospitals, healthcare facilities, school campuses, industrial, and commercial sites to be effective now and into the future. A successful project begins with the clear understanding of the client’s wishes, the community’s concerns, and the governing body’s regulations.

    In addition to the site design and planning, Botesch, Nash & Hall performs a host of responsibilities to ensure your project is carried out successfully. Site Evaluation and Analysis, Feasibility and Impact Studies, are all implemented to design a facility which best uses the owner’s property and program. BNH works together with the owner to create a schedule for project completion, most importantly project phasing so existing structures have the least interruption to business.

    Space Planning

    Bringing the best out in those who live in that space through good space planning is an art. The entire staff at Botesch, Nash & Hall are passionate about creating spaces that work optimally for all who inhabit those spaces. Our Cost Estimators and Schedulers focus on your budget and timeline goals.

    Development Services

    BNH can help you determine if the site you are considering meets its highest and best use. Are you putting the right project on the right property and does it fully meet your goals?

    We have assisted developers with commercial, healthcare, entertainment, educational, and warehouse property development including navigating municipal zoning codes, applying building and fire codes, environmental policies, and economic viability. We take into consideration if the proposed project fits within the neighborhood and help coordinate neighborhood meetings.  Our knowledge of city, county and state regulations and ability to listen to and work with these agencies consistently leads to the expedition of permit applications and the approval process. We help you to compile plans and forms necessary to procure state or federal matching funds.

    Land Use Planning & Permits

    With strong relationships throughout Washington State among cities and counties, BNH is expert at assisting in your Land Use Applications. We understand how to site a project on the property to satisfy municipal requirements and maximize the use of your development. We are expert at getting permits with little to no delay on your project. During busy economic times, this can make or break a project

    Site Evaluation & Analysis

    As part of the Site Evaluation and Analysis assessments, we help clients understand the full scope of what they can do on a specific property. We learn what attributes the property has, and what challenges you may encounter due to environmental conditions, proposed project size and property square footage, and required site improvements dedicated by the local permitting agency.

    We are often in the position of evaluating properties before purchase to ensure you are selecting the right property for your needs and goals.

    Feasibility Studies

    Our feasibility studies evaluate whether your project is feasible from all aspects. These include use, zoning, fire, water, sewer, budget, required site improvements imposed by the local permitting agency and scheduling factors. We are accustomed to working through the challenging network of rules and regulations to pave the way to a successful project.

    Code Analysis

    Codes and Rules often contradict one another. Understanding the often challenging code situations with municipalities can keep owners up at night. Having an advocate to work with the municipalities and contractor to ensure codes are fully understood and agreed on has helped many of our clients complete their jobs on time and on budget.

    Project Budgets, Schedules, & Fee Structure

    Positive interaction between the client and our staff is achieved by developing open channels of communication. We are committed to demonstrating integrity through active involvement with the client and various group influences affecting a project.

    This "no surprises" approach diffuses the opportunity for disappointment, which can be detrimental to the owner-architect relationship. Future business opportunities are based on our cost estimators, schedulers, value engineering professionals and architects ability to clearly meet the client's fee structure, budget, construction timeline and project program.

    2D & 3D Rendering

    Our communication extends to providing you with visual and auditory presentations. Each holds a place in effective communication. We can provide artists visual rendering, blueprints and  AutoCAD in 2D format. In addition, we provide 3D visual renderings and in person presentations/facilitation to ensure the vision meets the plan.

    Riverbend Rendering Riverbend Actual

    Safety & Security

    Many of our projects require strong safety and security components. Our extensive experience in the various types of projects requiring Security systems has become a dedicated area where we regularly advise and participate on best practices with our partners.

    • Schools
    • Daycare centers
    • Museums
    • Government facilities
    • Banks and credit unions
    • Mental health clinics
    • Pharmacies
    • Security facilities
    • Distilleries
    • Sports facilities and more

    During Construction Administration, we recheck all security specifications as well. Once a project is complete, we review and train facilities staff on all Safety features on their site and in their buildings.

    Historic Remodels

    BNH has been fortunate to be trusted with honoring the past through a variety of historic buildings. We value this trust resulting in award winning remodels that are functional, yet preserve the unique character of our communities.

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